Aveling Homes Aspirational Specification

Aspirational Inclusions
Wet Area Tiling and Cabinets
Wet Area Tiling and Cabinets

To continue the selection of internal colours, we recommend you visit one of our preferred tile suppliers. They will assist you with the selection of your wall and floor tiling as well as your benchtop and cupboard colours to your Kitchen, Ensuite, Bathroom and Laundry

To make sure you have the best experience and helpful service from our preferred suppliers, please consider the following:

  • Ensure you bring a set of plans with you when you go for your tile selection
  • It is recommend that you make an appointment so that you are provided with personal support when selecting your tiles and cabinet colours.

Important Information

  • Please note we do not install GLASS TILES.
  • You may make your tile and cabinet selections from ONE SUPPLIER only.








Additional Information

Tiling allowance

  • The standard retail allowance for the purchase of ceramic tiles is $44 per square metre (including GST)
  • The standard tile size for wall is 200 x 200, 200 x 400 & 300 x 300
  • The standard tile size for floor tiles (if applicable) is 200 x 200 or 300 x 300
  • There is no allowance for border or feature tiling unless otherwise noted in your specification
  • Please ensure that the location of any border / décor tiles are noted on the tile selection sheet

Non-standard tiles

The following will incur additional costs unless otherwise noted on your contract quote.

  • Maximum wet area floor tiles are no larger than 300 x 300
  • Maximum wet area wall tiles are no larger than 300 x 600
  • Porcelain, border, ceramic or stone mosaics and feature / décor tiles
  • If you select non-standard tiles outside of the standard allowance they will be priced after your Pre-start meeting
  • A copy of your completed tile selection sheet will be forwarded to our office

Please be aware that the tile supplier will not make any changes without written authority from Aveling Homes and that any changes may incur additional costs.