Rosehill Waters Diamond "Fully Completed" Inclusions

Diamond "Fully Completed" Inclusions
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Building a new home and creating a look that reflects your own unique sense of style and flair is one of life’s most rewarding and exciting experiences. Now is the time to make all the selections for your new home – and there are some very important decisions to be made in relation to your home’s fittings, features and finishes.

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  3.  You MUST always consider your Contract and Standard Inclusions documents during your Online Style Centre selection process – as you may be entitled to upgrade options at no additional cost


The Aveling Homes “Fully Completed” inclusions is as its name suggests: complete and ready for you to move straight in! This includes floor coverings, window treatments, lighting and electrical.

To make your selections process as simple as possible, we have created two unique colour palettes each featuring an external and internal colour scheme. You can either choose one palette or your can mix and match an internal and external scheme from both palettes. You choice will cover a significant number of your selections including floor and wall tiles, carpets, benchtops, laminates, roof cover material and colour, bricks and more.

Your choice can be made by selecting from the External Colour Palette and Internal Colour Palette categories within the Online Style Selector.