Frequently Asked Questions







Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What do I need to do before my prestart meeting?   
A. Once we have received your signed formal contracts returned, we are then able to discuss available dates for your prestart meeting.  If you are one of our Luxury or Custom specification clients and have an Interior Designer Consultation included, available dates for this meeting are also booked at the same time for a  date before your prestart meeting.  We require you to complete your meeting with Intelligent Home to discuss all of your "smartwiring" selections and any National Broadband (NBN) requirements, and your tiling selections before your prestart meeting can commence.  This allows your prestart consultant to prepare for both of these selections to discuss in the meeting. 

Q: When will my prestart meeting be, I need to organise time off with work, can it be on a Saturday or at 5.30pm?
A: Once you have signed your Building Contracts and they have been received by our office, one of our friendly Contracts Consultants will call you to organise your Prestart meeting.

Q: I don't like where my hot water unit is positioned, can I change this at Prestart?
A: No problem, please make note of your preferred location and bring it along to your Prestart Meeting. Please note that there are certain restrictions and manufacturer requirements associated with the distance of your hot water unit in relation to wet areas etc however we will do our best to reallocate your hot water system at Prestart.

Q: I would like different sized windows in some of my rooms. Can I change them at Prestart?
A: Unfortunately we do not allow window changes at Prestart. At this stage, we would have lodged your Building Permit Application to shire, which would mean we are unable to make any structural changes, window changes or changes to your front elevation at Prestart.

Q: I would like to add more power points and different lighting, can I change my electrical plan?
A: Of course! Electrical changes can be done at your prestart meeting. Please make note of the changes you would like to make and bring them along to your Prestart Meeting. We strongly suggest marking up all changes and any additional items you wish to include on your Client Copy Electrical plan and bringing it along to your Prestart Meeting.

Q: I would like a broom cupboard and a bench/cupboards in the Laundry, when can I add this in?
A: No problem, this can easily be done at your prestart meeting. Please make note of the changes you would like to make and bring them along to your Prestart Meeting

Q. Can I relocate my meter box?  Can I do this at prestart? 
A. There are service provider requirements regarding location, but you are able to discuss location and have this change priced at your prestart meeting.

Q. Can I make structural changes, remove Living area flooring (tiles, timber, laminate) or window treatments (blinds) included in my contract at my prestart meeting?  
A. No. Please refer to the Finishing Items Policy, Changes Policy, Prestart and Keystart (if applicable) page of your Pre-Construction Contract signed with your sales consultant.  These changes are best resolved before your formal contracts have been completed and your finance application (of applicable) is made.

Q. How much do I allow  in my contract and in my finance amount (if applicable) for making prestart changes and upgrades from what is included?  
A.  Speak to your broker about your budget and the amount of allowance you would be able to include in your contract or allow for in your finance amount.

Q.  Pool?  
A. No Services Area, install after handover, it is best not to include a pool allowance in contract.

Q. If I have a prestart allowance included in my contract and I do not spend it all at prestart, or throughout the build to the practical completion stage, will it be credited back to me?  
A. Yes, at the final account (Practical Completion) stage.


Q: Can we choose tiles from two different suppliers?
A: To avoid any unnecessary delays during the build of your new home, we ask that you make all of your selections at one of our preferred tile suppliers. Please refer to Tiling section in your online folder to see our list of preferred suppliers.

Q: Who are Intelligent Home, what do they do? Do I really need to visit them?
A: Intelligent Home are a trusted supplier of Aveling Homes and are responsible for the 'Communications Wiring' to our Homes. This type of 'optic fibre' wiring is installed by Intelligent Home during construction. If you are building in an area/estate where 'optic fibre' wiring has been installed then are unable to install traditional copper wiring to your home. This means your home will need to be wired with the SAME type of 'optic fibre' wiring that is has been installed underground in your estate/area.

By making an appointment with Intelligent Home you will ensure you have access to 'communications' in your home (TV, Phone & Internet/Data etc). All you need to do is make an appointment with Intelligent Home prior to your Prestart Meeting to confirm the type of package you would like to include and to finalise the locations for TV, Phone & Internet (data) points and any additional points you may require. Once you have finalised your selections with Intelligent Home, they will provide you with quote and plans for your approval. They will also email a copy of the 'Communications' plan to your Prestart Consultant.

Please bring along any Intelligent Home documentation to your Prestart Meeting so you can discuss the details with your Prestart Consultant. Contact INTELLIGENT HOME  on 1300 652 633 to arrange for an appointment prior to your Pre-start meeting.
Note: if you are unsure of the wiring to your estate or would like further confirmation then please contact your developer direct.

Q. Should I include Air Conditioning in my contract and install now or wait until after handover?  
A. Air Conditioning is best installed during the building process, before the roof cover is installed.  Installing at this time will take less time, be covered by our warranty and cause less disruption to the household if occupied.

Q.  Can I provide my own materials eg. tiles to be installed by the Builder? 
A. No. Please refer to the policy in your Pre-Construction Contract.

Q. Can I nominate my own tradesperson eg. electrician to complete the electrical work for my build? 
A. Yes, however an application must be completed before being approved by our Building Manager.  Speak to your sales consultant about how to arrange this when discussing your Pre-Construction Contract.

Q: My husband and I went to confirm our brick choices at midland brick yesterday and would like to know if we are able to choose different pavers for the driveway than the rest of the house?
A: No problem, please make note of your selections and bring along to your Prestart Meeting. Please note, we will allow 2 different types of pavers to your home as long as they are from the same supplier/manufacturer. 


Q: Are you able to give me a price of upgrading my gas hot water unit and changing to solar? 
A: We do have a number of costs on hand that can be confirmed at your Prestart Meeting, however some items may need to be calculated by our Pricing Team. As part of our normal procedure, you will be provided with all costs associated with changes and/or upgrades AFTER your prestart meeting. Your prestart consultant will send this to you after your prestart meeting for you to approve. At this stage, you can simply place a line through any items you do not wish to proceed with and your Prestart Consultant will remove it from the list.

Q: Can you point me in the right direction, I was hoping to speak to someone to get an idea of what additional costs we will incur with regards to the tiling. We are wanting to change the wet area tiles to 300's but also some of the tiles we are interested in are reticulated and we were told may cost more to lay?
A: Please go ahead and make a selection at one of our preferred tile suppliers. We would also suggest selecting a 'back-up' tile from Builders standard range, just in case you do not proceed with the costs associate with upgrading your tiles. Once you have finalised your selection, the tile supplier will forward a copy to our office. Your prestart consultant will run through your tile selections in detail at your Prestart Meeting. 
Additional costs (labour and/or supply) will be calculated AFTER your prestart meeting and wil be sent to you for approval, along with all other variations/changes from Prestart. Please note, if you are selecting larger sized tiles that are within the builders standard range allowance of $44m2 then you will only be charged for the labour component.
Note: Aveling Homes do not allow selection of tiles that are not held in stock by the Tile Supplier. These Tiles would usually have a lead order time documented on the selection sheet and therefore may cause unnecessary construction delays. Aveling Homes recommends that all tiles are selected from one nominated supplier to avoid additional costs.

Q. What constitutes a change to the included standard range of tiles? 
A. A change to your included standard range of tiles is a change to the Type, Size, Price per/m2 of tile.  Based on your tile selections, pricing for any changes and upgrades to the included range of standard tiles is discussed and priced in your prestart meeting.


Q. When does the 45 working days "Time To Commence Works" start? 
A. After all of the final documentation is complete / after all prestart variations and documentation is finalized, Formal Unconditional Finance is approved  or Proof Of Funds is provided, Building Permit is granted and / or Planning Approval is received (if applicable)

If I have queries regarding my Siteworks, who would I speak to about it?

Your sales consultant is the best person to discuss the details of your Siteworks.